Laminated ash and bent plywood chair

90" H x 19" W
This tall black cherry wood clock was inspired by the Italian renaissance. Every component is hand crafted. The pendulum weighted mechanism and rolled glass are custom made in Germany by Kieninger Clockmakers.
The late great artist George Scheenman painted the clock's face.

40" W x 114" L

This Trestle Table is beautifully handcrafted from 350 year old barn doors. Only the finest hand rubbed natural wax and environmentally safe water based finishes were used to enhance the tabletops texture and sublime beauty.

“No machine can compare with a craftsman’s hands. He must, in the first place, know beauty at sight.
Then it is essential that he should understand the principles of the machine, and yet at the same time must appreciate fully the value of handwork." 

                                                                                                                               Soetsu Yanagi   
                                                                                                                              "The Unknown Craftsman"

Black Cherry sapling bench

ANDREW DARWIN    Fine Furniture Designing and Crafting